Monday, November 9, 2015

3D Touch Weighing App For iOS 9 iPhone Is Available

Here is interesting facts about 3D Touch weighing app for iOS 9 iPhone. New 3D Touch display of iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus is so good at measuring pressure that it can actually be used to weigh small objects. Developer Simon Gladman has just introduced an innovative app. Called Plum-O-meter, it uses 3D Touch feature on the new Apple's iPhones to compare the weights of things.

The app shows the object's weight, but it is actually the level of pressure being applied on the display by this object. You can see the video that demonstrate how the app works:

As it is shown on the the video the developer has weighed plums, but it seems that the app can be used to weigh other non-heavy things as well. Unfortunately, Plum-O-meter utilizes some private APIs so currently it only works on jailbroken iOS 9 iPhones. You cannot grab this app from Cydia, but the developer has made the app available on GitHub. So if you have the technical skills in this field, you can compile the source code by yourself.

Actually, the idea of using 3D Touch feature to weigh things is not new. Huawei had shown off the Force Touch capabilities on the Mate S to weigh oranges at IFA in late-August this year. But unfortunately Apple won’t allow that. Currently 3D Touch weighing apps is rejected by the Cupertino company, and it’s not totally understandable why. Maybe the Cupertino company just doesn’t want costumers weighing things on their iPhone in case they scratch the display, break them, or it knows that the iPhone just isn’t an accurate scale, and it wants to avoid confusions.

That's why the jailbreaking solution is the great possibility for useage, as it liberates your device. In this case you can jailbreak your iOS device and go ahead to try out this new 3D Touch weighing app for iOS 9 iPhone.

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