Saturday, November 28, 2015

Download Vine App Update For Apple Watch

Great news for those who was waiting, it is possible to download Vine app for Apple Watch, as the app is now available for the wearable device running native watchOS 2 app. Vine has pushed an update for its app on iOS gaining some new features, and at the same time, bringing with it a new Apple Watch app. The update pushes the app version to 4.4.0.

Vine for Apple Watch was first unveiled in June 2015, where its first demo was held in an Apple event. The ability to playback video content natively on Apple Watch was added as part of watchOS 2 update. The latest Vine app makes use of the official APIs to make the magic happen on the Watch. Both Favorites and Featured feeds are visible within the app, and there is even a Complication should people need an even quicker way of laughing the app on their wrist.

Complication and Apple Watch app 

To download Vine app for Apple Watch, users have to download v4.4.0 of the app from the App Store. To turn Vine’s native Apple Watch app on you navigate to the My Watch > Vine section in the companion Watch app. Once enabled the app allows you to view videos from the creators you’ve selected as your Favorites in the iPhone app and check out hand-selected Vines in the Featured feed. Users can both Like and Revine their favorite Vines right from their wearable devices as well, meaning they really can get the core Vine functionality without leaving the Apple Watch app. 

As it has been already mentioned, Vine’s wrist app comes gains a handy complication for your watch face. This option lets you see your account’s total loops and get quick access the app right from the watch face. To add the complication, you need to press firmly on the screen and pick a watch face that supports third-party complications. Now click Customize and choose a free slot. Finally, turn the Digital Crown to scroll through all of the available complications, and pick Vine.

Vine for iPhone swiping

Beyond the Apple Watch app and its associated Complication, the iPhone app now allows users to jump from one Vine to another Vine with a horizontal swipe, making it faster and easier to browse Vine for the latest videos. 

Vine works on all iOS devices running iOS 7.0 firmware or later. So you can grab Vine app for your iOS 9.1 running iPhone. You can download Vine app for Apple Watch for free of charge from the App Store.

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