Friday, November 20, 2015

How To Disable Suggested Events On iOS 9 Device

If you don't know how to disable suggested events on iOS 9 then here is useful guide that help you do it quick and correctly. As you know the new iOS 9 feature called Proactive assistant scans your email for events and make smart proposals.

It then uses that info to add suggested events to your calendar, in an effort to ensure you don't forget about that special meeting were planned but never actually were put on the schedule. It’s a cool feature, but a little annoying if you get invited to a lot of events. But don’t worry as you can turn this feature off.

Some important information:
Suggested events are found in emails you receive, but only via Apple’s Mail app on your iDevice running iOS 9 firmware. So when you will upgrade your device to iOS 9 these event proposals will be enabled by default.

In case Mail detects dates and times in a message, it will put a banner at the top of the email containing an event suggestion. You can cancel the suggested event or add it immediately to the stock Calendar app with single tap. The suggested event can be also reviewed before adding it to Calendar, or declined the suggestion by tapping the close button. You can adjust or turn off notifications for event proposals in Settings > Notifications > Calendar > Events Found in Mail.

How To Disable Suggested Events On iOS 9 iPhone

Note that suggested events appear in Mail for iDevice, but not in Mail for Apple Watch and Your iDevice must be updated to iOS 9 or later to follow steps below:

Step 1: First open Settings.

Step 2: Go to Mail, Contacts, Calendars.

Step 3: Now under the Calendar heading uncheck “Events Found in Mail.

That's it, as you see it is extremely easy to disable suggested events on iOS 9 device.

If you at some point will change your mind and want to have the feature active again, just follow the steps above and in the step 3 slide the switch to the On position.


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