Saturday, November 28, 2015

Viber Update For iOS 9.1 iPhone Specs Review

You can grab Viber update for iOS 9.1 iPhone with a bunch of useful new specs and improvements. Bumped to version 5.6.5, Viber for iPhone now makes it easy to delete a sent message for everyone, not just for yourself, which could come in handy after accidentally sending a message to the wrong person, allowing you to recall it immediately. Not only can users now recall messages, but they can also Quick Reply from notifications, and send media directly from your shared iCloud albums.

Recall a sent message

Before this update, you could only delete sent messages for yourself. Starting with Viber for iOS 5.6.5, you can now recall a sent message so it disappears from the recipient’s device as well. This is the feature many instant messaging apps do not provide.

As shown on the picture above you can simply click on the sent message in the chat view and pick Delete option. The app will then offer you to choose between the Delete for Myself option or opt for the new Delete for Everyone feature.

Attach files

This update also allows you to send attachments with Viber by using the “Copy to Viber” button inside the share sheet. But it is important to remember that you will only be able to send files to users who are running the Viber app latest version. Old versions simply can’t accept attachments. If the recipient is unable to receive the file attachment because they’re using an older version of Viber, you’ll be offered an option to send them an upgrade link.

This file sharing method works in other apps that implement iOS’s multi-purpose Share sheet, including Readdle’s PDF Expert, Apple’s Pages, Numbers and Keynote and more.

If your device is running iOS 9.1 firmware or later, you can now Quick Reply to Viber messages from notifications, so you don’t need to jump into the Viber app to fire off a quick response to a friend. You can also use Spotlight to search Viber chats and contacts now, and share photos from shared iCloud libraries. If you haven't upgraded yet then you can get Viber update for iOS 9.1 iPhone from App Store right now.


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