Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Download Viber Update Release For iOS 9.2 iPhone

You can download Viber update for iOS 9.2 iPhone or on any other compatible Apple's device as just a day back this mobile application that allows you to make phone calls and send text messages was renewed with some notable features and options. Viber has got few update releases as of recently. And this latest update brought such improvements as support for auto-disappearing Wink messages while introducing a redesigned share menu, more detailed information in group chats and a few design enhancements to the app’s introduction screens. Now iOS 9 iPhone Viber users will be able to select how long their media is stored for.

Those folks who own Apple Watch running the latest firmware the service offers a watchOS 2 app for your wrist that allows you to read and reply to messages with dictation, stickers and canned replies.

So how to control how long photos and videos you receive in chats are stored for on your device? First navigate to Viber’s Settings and then go to the new Media > Keep Media section where you can pick to keep media for 1 week, 1 month, 1 year or forever, as shown on the picture below. 

For those who use Viber’s Wink app, there is new option that allows to send disappearing messages to Wink contacts. Launched a day back in the App Store, Wink allows users to exchange messages with media content that automatically disappear after they have been viewed.

The Viber mobile app is localized in 23 international languages. It supports any iDevice that runs iOS 7.0 or later firmware versions and also the Apple Watch with watchOS 2 app that allows you to reply from your wrist with Viber stickers, dictation and canned replies. You can download Viber update for iOS 9.2 iPhone for free of charge in the App Store.


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