Thursday, December 10, 2015

Verizon Will Enable WiFi Calling Service For iPhone Users Very Soon

You will get the ability to enable WiFi calling on Verizon iPhone soon as the company just few days back has announced about its launch of this useful service. Verizon will enroll its WiFi calling on December 8. But according to company's announcement the service will be initially available only for two Samsung devices Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge. Unfortunately for Android and Apple's devices users on Verizon Wi-Fi calling feature will be available only from early 2016 year.

Wi-Fi calling feature itself makes it possible for your iPhone to automatically switch to a known Wi-Fi hotspot to make calls when the mobile network is poor. Sprint and T-Mobile iPhone owners have already been using Wi-Fi calling service for more than a year. As for the AT&T company then it has also enabled Wi-Fi calling service in October this year soon after necessary approval from FCC was received. The Verizon carrier has also sent a petition to the FCC requesting that the regulatory body grant it a waiver identical to the one it gave to AT&T and it received the necessary approval in November.

Alongside the iOS 9.1 update release, Sprint has also set an advanced Wi-Fi calling feature for its customers. It means that Sprint users in the US will have an ability to take advantage of this great feature that offers Wi-Fi-assisted voice calling for poor coverage places. The advanced option of this feature means that user actually don't need to enable iPhone to receive the call on a Mac or iPad, but these devices must be signed in with the same Apple ID that’s present on user's iPhone.

So with enabled WiFi calling service iPhone 6s or iPhone 6 users on Verizon network will have possibility to make all calls over Wi-Fi to local U.S. numbers for free of charge. It is vital to note here that calls made to foreign numbers will be billed at their usual rates. As you see it is really great feature to have on your iPhone to call in U.S.


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