Tuesday, January 26, 2016

How To Email Large Files Using Mail Drop On iOS 9 iPhone

For those who loves GIFs and memes and like to share them with friends there is the way to email large files using Mail Drop on iOS 9 iPhone. Using iMessages or Messages while sending GIFs can course constant issues. So using the native Mail client can be really useful in this case. But when you want to send multiple pictures, there is the annoying file limit that forces us other time consuming methods. But if your iDevice runs iOS 9.2 or later, you can use the new Mail Drop feature to upload large files for easier device-to-device sharing. Announced at WWDC 2014, Mail Drop made its debut on the Mac with last year’s OS X 10.10 Yosemite software update. Starting with the iOS 9.2 software update, Mail Drop is now available through Apple’s stock Mail app on iDevices.

The Mail Drop feature limit is 5GB. Addressing one of the fundamental problems with email today, Mail Drop makes it easy to share large files by permitting Mail app users to send emails with encrypted attachments up to 5GB in size. 

This is great for users who want to send bulk of songs or movies to friends via email. While the limit for Mail is usually around 20 – 25MB, Mail Drop expands this number to really higher point. The recipient will have 30 days to download files. Mail Drop also doesn’t eat into your iCloud Storage limit.

How To Email Large Files Using Mail Drop In iOS 9 

Mail Drop works on any iOS device running iOS 9.2 or later firmware versions.

The bid advantage is that your recipient doesn’t need to have an iPhone as files you send are stored on iCloud and do not require an iCloud account to be downloaded.

Step 1. Mail Drop does not have to be enabled, but instead engages automatically whenever a file is too large to be sent normally via Mail. Simply attach a file on either your iPhone that is larger than 20MB and you will see message suggesting to use Mail Drop.

Step 2. Click on the Use Mail Drop button. The file will upload to iCloud and you can send off the email message once the attachment has downloaded.

Step 3. The email will be sent including a link that will take the recipient to the file. The file will be available to them for 30 days on iCloud. Just click on the file to download it on iOS.

As you see this iOS 9.2 option makes it more easier to email large files using Mail Drop on iOS 9 iPhone without no need to setup any extra settings. 


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