Friday, January 15, 2016

How To Permanently Delete Voicemails On iOS 9.2 iPhone

If you want to learn how to permanently delete Voicemails on iOS 9.2 iPhone then go on reading our post. As you know your iPhone supports Visual Voicemail. This feature allows you to see your voicemails list and select which one to interact with without having to running through all of them.

All these messages are stored and saved forever until you manually erase them, or your carrier deletes them. But remember that your carrier might not support the Visual Voicemail feature at all. If you have set up and use Visual Voicemail on your iOS 9 iPhone, all received voicemails can utilize your device's precious storage space.

Follow the steps below to permanently delete Voicemails on iOS 9.2 iPhone and free the storage space they occupy.

How To Permanently Delete Voicemails In iOS 9.2 

Step 1: Launch the Phone app.

Step 2: Now pick the Voicemail option among the tabs that are lined up alongside the screen bottom. You will see a list of voicemails you have received.

Step 3: Click on a message to erase from the device, and push the red Delete button.

Step 4: If you want to remove more voicemails repeat the process. Note that all erased voicemails are actually saved in the Deleted Voicemails folder within the Phone app. To delete them permanently from your iOS 9.2 device you must take an extra step.

Step 5: So click on Deleted Messages option, then push the Clear All button located in the upper-right and confirm that you wish to permanently erase all deleted voicemails.

It is important to note here that all your voicemails which are deleted from Deleted Voicemails folder, would be removed from the device permanently and cannot be retrieved. Remember that your carrier, if it supports Visual Voicemail feature, might save voicemails on its servers even after you erase them permanently from your iOS 9 iPhone.


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