Tuesday, January 5, 2016

How To Temporarily Hide iOS 9.2 Stock App Icon On iDevice

In this post we will show you how to temporarily hide iOS 9.2 stock app icon on your iDevice. As you may know it is possible using iOS’s Restrictions feature to disable the iTunes Store or iBooks Store on your iDevice. However, Apple haven't yet provide an official way of removing stock apps from iOS device Home screen.

YouTubber Jose Rodriguez posted a video introducing his way to temporarily hide icons of Apple’s iOS 9 stock apps using a easy trick that even doesn’t require to jailbreak your device.

How To Temporarily Hide iOS 9.2 Stock App Icon

Step 1: First, click and hold on app icon you want to hide on your iOS 9.2 iPhone 6s Home screen.

Step 2: When the icons on your Home screen start to wiggle, drag the app icon over any other app to create a folder.

Step 3: This action will create a folder. Now you need to drag the app’s icon to the second page of the folder and let go of your finger.

Step 4: Next, drag the app icon to the third page of the folder and keep your finger on it.

Step 5: Drag the app icon to the edge of the folder and press the Home button simultaneously. Note that any app hidden this way will reappear after restarting your iOS device.

You can look how it works on the video below:

Now the app in question should remain temporarily hidden. Once again, the hidden app icons will reappear when the iDevice is restarted, so this trick only serves as a temporarily solution and it may not work in future iOS versions.Keep in mind that this trick doesn’t actually erase the app, it just temporarily hides iOS 9.2 stock app icon and you can still open it from Spotlight Search at any time.


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