Tuesday, February 16, 2016

How To Add More Emoticons On iOS 9.2.1 iPhone

Here is a great tutorial on how to enable more emoticons on iOS 9.2.1 iPhone for those who frequently use emojis and emoticons in everyday communications. If you are interested then there is one interesting method to add keyboard that brings even more emoticons on your iOS device. So follow steps below to enable aforementioned keyboard.

How To Add More Emoticons On iOS 9 iPhone

The emojis and emoticons that we want to add have Japanese origins, so the hidden keyboard we will find in the Language section. Let's start.

Step 2. Click on General.

Step 3. Scroll down until you see the option to change Keyboards.

Step 4. In the Keyboards section click on Add New Keyboard option. 

Step 5. In the “Add New Keyboard” section, scroll down in the list of languages and click to launch the Japanese keyboard options, then pick Romaji.

Step 6. Now when the new keyboard enabled, you can start to try it out. First, launch Notes or Messages or any app that you can use the keyboard in. With the keyboard open, click and hold the globe icon. You now have the choice of Romaji and Kana. Choose Romaji.

Step 7. With Romaji keyboard activated, click the 123 button, followed by the icon that looks like a smiley face ^_^. 

Step 8.When you push that button you will see several of these new emoticons that will appear in the suggestions field. Now scroll to the left to pick the ones you like.

 You can expand this bar to see the entire list of available faces by hitting the arrow at its right end.

So, if you want to enable more emoticons on iOS 9.2.1 iPhone our tutorial will be useful for you.


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