Friday, February 12, 2016

How To Remove Favorites In Safari On iPhone 6s

If you want to hide Favorites in Safari iPhone 6s or any other iDevice then check our guide on how to do it. As you know Safari for iOS allows users to mark websites user fancy as your Favorites, so they’re easy to access when you select Safari’s Smart Search field at the top. Also your Favorites appear on new tabs and windows, are listed in your bookmarks, appear on a dedicated Favorites page and can be added as a bar below Safari’s toolbar.

It’s very handy feature, but there is one downside here people starring at your iOS 9.2.1 device will get to see your Favorites every time you launch a new tab, type a URL or search. So follow the steps bellow to remove your Favorites from various Safari views on your iOS 9.2 iPhone.

How To Remove Favorites In Safari In iOS 9

1) First, launch Safari on your iOS device and click the Bookmarks icon.

2) Click on Edit option.

3) Now click on New Folder option.

4) Type the title for your folder in the Title field. You can call it “Empty Folder” for example or some such. This will make it easier to distinguish the Favorites folder from your other bookmark folders.

5) Click on Bookmarks at the top to go back to the previous screen.

6) To save the changes click Done.

7) Now navigate to Settings > Safari > Favorites and pick the empty bookmarks folder you just created.

8) Now launch Safari and click the Smart Search field. If all goes well, your favorite websites should no longer show up when you type a URL, create a new tab or start a new private-browsing session, as shown on the picture below.

The only minus of this hide Favorites in Safari iPhone 6s method is that setting an empty bookmarks folder as your Favorites location will also prevent frequently visited websites from appearing on the New Tab screen and below Safari’s Smart Search field.


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