Wednesday, February 17, 2016

How To Share iCloud Calendars Privately In iOS 9 With Other People

If you want to know how to share iCloud calendar privately on iOS 9 iPhone then we offer useful guide on how to do it. While helping us to better organize our everyday life Apple’s Calendar app for iOS 9. 2.1 devices offers ability to share events and to-dos with selected friend, family members, your co-workers and other people.

How To Share iCloud Calendars In iOS 9 With Other People

Shared calendar events feature is very useful especially when you’re working on a calendar that needs to be edited by multiple people. So if you want to create a new calendar and share it with someone else privately, then follow these steps:

Step 1) Open the Calendar app.

Step 2) Click on Calendars from top-right.

Step 3) Click on Edit.

Step 4) Now click on Add Calendar in the iCloud section.

Step 5) Once done, launch Apple’s Calendar app on your iOS 9.2 device.

Step 6) Click on Calendars option.

Step 7) Then, hit the “i” button next to the iCloud calendar you want to share.

Step 8) On the next screen, check if the switch next to Public Calendar is set to the OFF position at the bottom.

Step 9) Now click Add Person and enter the name or email addresses of your invitees. You can also click the plus sign to pick people in your Contacts.

Step 10) Select Add option.

Step 11) Next, to save the changes and return to the previous screen click on Done.

Look at the picture below. The “Shared with” information right underneath the calendar name indicates that this calendar has been shared with people.

Step 12) Lastly pick Done option to return to your calendar view.

Shearing a calendar privately with other iCloud users recipient must accept your invitation by clicking a link in an email taking them to the iCloud login page. He can accept your invitation in the Calendar app on his iDevice. Participants can view privately shared iCloud calendars in the iCloud Calendar web app, the stock Calendar app on the iPhone.

Now you know how to share iCloud calendar privately on iOS 9 iPhone. As you see it is really easy.


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