Monday, March 21, 2016

How To Fix App Store App Doesn't Work Issue On iOS 9.2.1 iPhone

There is no wonder that many of us from time to time face with an app that was downloaded from the App Store doesn't launch, crashed, or doesn't work every time we try to open it. So if you are trying to fix App Store app doesn't work issue on iOS 9.2.1 iPhone check few tips below to get rid of this trouble.

How To Fix App Store App Doesn't Work Issue In iOS 9

Tip 1. Try to close the app and re-launch it

Sometimes an app simply doesn’t work correctly because of low memory or a software conflict. Conflicts are far more common on jailbroken devices, but on sometimes it can happen with non-jailbroken devices too.

So launch the App Switcher and slide up on the app to force-quit it, then re-launch it to see if it loads correctly that time. 

Tip 2. Try to reboot your iOS 9 iPhone

If the first tip didn't work, the problem could be with iOS itself. To fix it, try to reboot of your device so that iOS platform can fully reinitialize. Once started back up check if the trouble app works now.

Tip 3. Make sure iOS is up to date or compatible

As you know some apps downloaded from App Store require a specific iOS version. So if you if you downloaded an app and it’s not working as expected, make sure that iOS is up to date. 

What is more, if you download a major software update when Apple launches it after a special event, sometimes apps may take a while to receive an update to support the new firmware. This can cause instability such as crashing, or even impact app usability.

To make sure you’re on the latest version of iOS, you can open your Settings app and navigate to General > Software Update. 

Tip 4. Make sure the app itself is up to date

If an app you downloaded from the App Store suddenly refuse to work and crashes, developers behind this app are often aware of it and working on a fix. You can check for an update by opening the App Store and going to the Updates tab.

Tip 5. Check your network connection

Network connection can also have influence on App Store app. If you have a poor cellular network connection, or aren’t connected to a Wi-Fi network, this will prevent the app to fetch new data and will result in an error message.

Tip 6. Delete and re-install the app

Sometimes the reason you may be experiencing issues could be because the download was corrupted and you have an incomplete app installation.

You can try to delete the app and re-install it by tapping and holding on the app icon and then tapping the “X” button to delete the app. Then, install a fresh copy of the app from the App Store on your iOS 9 device.

Tip 7. Contact app support

The last tip you can use to fix App Store app doesn't work issue on iOS 9.2.1 iPhone is to contact the developer of the issued app through the App Store’s support link. Find the app in question, and click on the blue App Support button under the Reviews tab. This will take you to the app’s support page. There you will find support person that can help you to fix the issue. 


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