Tuesday, March 1, 2016

How To Instantly Free Up RAM On iOS 9.2.1 iPhone

As every iDevice user you should know how to clear RAM on iOS 9.2.1 iPhone especially when you have poorly written app that constantly eats your RAM and degrading the performance of your iOS device.

Of course you can resolve this problem trying to hard reset your iOS 9.2 device. But there’s a quick and easy way to free up RAM on your iOS 9 device to improve performance without needing to force restart your device.

How To Instantly Clear RAM On iOS 9 iPhone

Step 1. You can launch the sluggish app or do it right from the Home screen.

Step 2. Now hold the Sleep/Wake button until the prompt “slide to power off” comes onto the iPhone's screen.

Step 3. Release the Sleep/Wake and hold down the Home button until the app is kicked off and you arrive back on the home screen.

This will make clear RAM on iOS 9.2.1 iPhone instantly and improve performance. It is vital to note here that using this method you will not only disable the app but also all apps and processes running in the background. 

Important note:

It is not recommended to frequently purge RAM on iOS as it does a pretty good job of memory management as it can have a detrimental impact on battery life. So use the above described method in case you notice that an app or iOS 9.3 device has become sluggish.

If you are curious if this method really has indeed freed up memory or not you can use app that provides this info. There are few apps available in the App Store that provide memory usage information. You can use for example ActMonitor app. This app has a great Notification Center widget, which gives you a quick glimpse of memory usage on your iOS 9.2.1 iPhone from anywhere in iOS via the Notification Center. It is really handy.


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