Friday, April 15, 2016

How To Recover Erased Photos On iOS 9.3.1 iPhone

In this post we will teach you how to recover deleted photos on iOS 9.3.1 iPhone. Of course clearing media files you no longer need is one of the most effective options for freeing up storage space on iDevices. But it sometimes happen that you can accidently delete picture and wanе to recover it. Apple offers you ability to recover your erased media content from the stock Photos app. 

The photos and videos which you delete from your iPhone don’t really free up storage because they’re kept in a special album within Photos for 30 days. So keep in mind that you can only recover deleted photos and videos from your iPhones before the 30-day time period is up, after which they are gone forever.

So follow this easy step-by-step tutorial to recover your recently deleted photos and videos like a pro.

How To Recover Erased Photos In iOS 9.3

 1) First open up Photos on your device.

2) Click Albums at the bottom on the screen.

3) The album list will appear on the next screen, find the Recently Deleted album and click on it to access its contents.

4) All your cleared media files stay in there for 30 days before they’re permanently erased. To undelete multiple photos, click on the Edit button, pick the pictures you’d like to recover and then hit Recover.

5) To confirm action click Recover Photo or Recover Video in the pop-up message.

6) To undelete a single item you need to click on a photo or video in the Recently Deleted album to launch it, and then hit the Recover button.

There is also the Recover All button in case you want to recover all recently erased media to your Camera roll. As you see to recover deleted photos on iOS 9.3.1 iPhone is extremely easy, but don't forget about 30 days period.


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