Tuesday, May 31, 2016

How To Check iOS 9.3.2 iPhone Battery Charge Cycle Count

Sometime you may want to check iOS 9.3.2 iPhone battery charge cycle count so you can know whether the battery is healthy. Especially when you buy a iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch from others. If you have been keeping with Apples products history you might know that every single year Cupertino based company presents us with new devices, be it iPhones or iPads. The company puts magnificent efforts to equip its iDevices with innovative integrated technology aspects and feature sets. In addition to introducing new features through software updates, Apple continuously tries to push forward the hardware it introduces with new additions.

Of course all iDevices users appreciate Apple's products progression, but even though they love to see new and improved hardware landing on the shelves with each generational release, there’s always one thing that is consistently on their mind; the received battery life on the device. With the free App Store app called Battery Percentage installed you can get additional insight into exactly that. It’s especially useful for checking your iOS 9.3.2 iPhone battery charge cycle count witout jailbreaking.

Although there are few jailbreak tweaks that provides such type of details your device must be jailbroken to use one of them. Due to fact that currently there is no jailbreak tool available for the latest public iOS updates such as iOS 9.2 - 9.3.2 you won't be able to check iPhone battery charge cycle count when your device runs one of these updates. 

So if your device isn't jailbroken and you don't plan to liberate your device you can always use jailbreak tweak alternative. Battery Percentage app is totally free and it gathers information about battery on your iOS 9.3.1 device. Although it is not designed well but it provides users with such additional information as how many charge cycles the battery has been through, the discharge current and the current operating temperature of the cell. Tran Manh Quan, the developer behind the app, has also included a set of hardware checking features, which include checking the health of the GPU, CPU, Storage and network components.

In conclusion we can say that Battery Percentage app gives you additional details about battery health, device status, and even the phone’s charger and it is a good alternative for those user who don't plan to jailbreak their iDevices.


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