Thursday, May 12, 2016

How To Delete Recent Apple Music Searches From iOS 9.3.1 iPhone

In this post we will show you how to quickly delete recent Apple Music searches from your iOS 9.3.1 iPhone. Launched in 2015 Apple Music is a music streaming service that offers an easy way to search for a song you want to listen to and then play it on demand. But there is one problem, Apple Music keeps a running history of the songs you search for. Fortunately you can quickly erase recent searches from the Apple Music app on your iOS 9.3 iPhone, when you don't want others to  see what you were listening to.

How To Clear Recent Apple Music Searches From iOS 9

Before proceed please keep in mind that there is no way to delete your searches individually, as for some reason, Apple has limited you to clearing your entire search history only.

As a result, you should take it easy and use this feature with care because if you were intending to use your search history as a means of remembering a song you searched for a while ago, it’ll be gone the next time you use the Apple Music app.

1) First launch the Music app from your Home screen.

2) Then click on the Search button at the top right of the app to reveal the app’s search field.

3) Now click on the History button inside of the search text box.

4) Click on the red Clear button at the top left of the app.

5) Click on the red Clear Recent Searches button to confirm deleting your Apple Music search history.

6) Your search history will be erased and you’ll see the interface shown on screenshot below if everything was done successful:

As you see it is extremely easy to delete recent Apple Music searches from iOS 9.3.1 iPhone. And now nobody will be able to see what music you’ve searched for recently if you hand them your iOS device for any reason.

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