Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Leaked Images Shows iPhone 7 Plus Smart Connector Addition

There were different concepts and pictures about the upcoming Apple's smartphone iPhone 7 and here are iPhone 7 Plus Smart Connector leaked images that give us clearest look at the rear shell of the larger device. What is interesting, the picture shows the iPhone 7 Plus feature Smart Connector at its bottom. However, since these images come from a credible source, it looks like Apple is indeed set to include the Smart Connector only on the larger iPhone this year. Some previous rumors said that the smaller iPhone won't have this new addition but it will feature a dual SIM slot.

Perhaps most surprisingly, the new photos of the iPhone 7 Plus do not include a mute switch. This toggle that enables and disables the ringer cannot be seen in its usual location above the volume buttons. This is the first time the removal of the mute switch has been floated and given the source’s provenance, it should be treated with some caution.

If you been keeping up with iPhone updates, Apple has slowly been removing the mute switch from its iOS devices. Beginning with the iPad Air 2, all new iPads have not included a mute switch. This is somewhat understandable for a tablet where the primary use case does not include alarms or ringing alerts.

As the previous leaks suggest iPhone 7 will feature the large camera hole. The larger camera sensor cut out suggests a bigger sensor that should greatly help in improving the photos performance of the next iPhone models. As for iPhone 7 Plus leak pictures the larger phone will feature dual camera set up at the rear for improving low-light performance and repositioned antenna lines.

Apple will launch the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus this September at its big media event revealing all the features and enhacements.


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