Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The List Of The Best Apps For Annotating Images On iOS 9.3.2 iPhone

If you are trying to find best app for annotating images on iOS 9.3.2 iPhone then here is the list of apps that will help you to do it. So read the review of each one to pick the best for you.

1. Annotable

Due to users reports Annotable is the best picture annotation app for iPhone. Annotable is the result of focused execution, and it shows in the attention placed in the available options and smaller details. This app offers the usual doodle, text, arrows, rectangle and circle option. The app offers two interesting tools – Spotlight and Loupe. 

The Spotlight tool will grey out the background of the image, everything except the rectangle or circle area you’ve chosen to highlight.

The Loupe is a excellent tool for zooming. If you want to look closer at a small part of an photo just pinch in and out to increase the size of the circle. You can also swipe around between the circle to reposition the center point. The interaction is very intuitive and the end result is usually spectacular.

If you’ve taken a screenshot which has text in it, the text markup tool, will allow you to highlight any text in the picture using any color you have enabled. It does this using OCR.

To get the Spotlight or Loupe functions you need to pay $1.99 for each. And you can pay $1.99 to unlock all colors. Or you can pay $7.99 to unlock all tools and colors.

2. Paper

Paper is absolutely free and great sketching app for iOS 9 iPhone. You can now easily add text to a photo, call attention to various parts of a picture, annotate photos, create bulleted lists, and more. So you also have various views and spaces to work in. 

2. Pinpoint

Pinpoint app offers four functions – arrows, rectangle, pixelate and text. To select the function from the top toolbar and options for the function from the top-right. To erase the annotation you need to double taps on it.

Pinpoint is available as free download package and without ads in the app. To unlock all colors you need to pay $4.99.

Hope one of the above described apps will become the best app for annotating images on your iOS 9.3.2 iPhone.


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