Thursday, August 18, 2016

How To Delete Downloaded iOS 9.3.4 Software Update From iDevice

Here is useful guide on how to remove a downloaded iOS 9.3.4 software update from iPhone. As you know that when Apple launches a new firmware for iOS, the update gets downloaded automatically on compatible devices, ready to be installed. 

Of course you can ignore this if you want, but some updates consume a large amount of space on your device especially if it’s a major release. Usually, you’ll receive prompts reminding you to install the update. You can pick to install it right away or postpone it for the next day. If you select the latter option, you will receive such reminders every time until you install the update. For many users it can be really annoying.

While there’s no way to put end to these notifications, you can remove the software update to stop it temporarily. This also saves a considerable amount of space on your device.

How To Delete A Downloaded Software Update From iDevice

Step 1: In order to remove a downloaded iOS 9.3.4 software update from iPhone, launch the Settings app and head to General -> Storage & iCloud Usage.

Step 2: Under the Storage section, click on Manage Storage.

Step 3: on the next screen you will see a list of all the apps installed on your device. You’ll also see the iOS software update in the list. Click on it to launch.

Step 4: Click on Delete Update and confirm that you want to clear it.

Once done, the iOS software update will be removed from your device and you’ll stop receiving reminders.

Don't forget that this is only a temporary fix. The next time your device will be connected to a WiFi, the update will be downloaded again onto your phone. This usually happens after you connect to a WiFi network and leave your device unattended for some time.

Currently the latest available iOS firmware is iOS 9.3.4. Jailbreakers should stay away from this update as it patches the Pangu jailbreak for iOS 9.2- 9.3.3 devices.


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