Wednesday, September 28, 2016

How To Quickly Filter Emails On iOS 10 iPhone

In this post we will show how to quickly filter emails on iOS 10 iPhone. As you may know with iOS 10 release, you can easily filter out the contents of any of your email inboxes from the stock Mail app on your iPhone to find what you’re looking for. Instead of sorting through your inbox by yourself, Apple now offers easier way to do it.

How To Quickly Filter Emails In iOS 10

Step 1.To filter an inbox in the Mail app, on your iOS 10.0.2 iPhone open the app from your Home screen and open one of your inboxes. You can use any of your individual email inboxes, or you can use the unified inbox that shows content from all of your email accounts if you choose to.

Step 2. Once there, click on the little round button at the bottom left of the screen with the three lines in it. This is the filter button.

Step 3. As you can see, the filter button is going to filter your inbox by read/unread messages by default. 

Step 4. To enable more options to customize how your inbox gets filtered tap in the middle of the bottom bar in the app that says “Filtered by:” . You will see the list of other filtering options.

Among the things you can filter by are:

  • Whether or not a message is unread
  • Whether or not a message is flagged
  • When messages are addressed to you
  • When you’re CCed on emails
  • If the messages have attachments
  • If the messages are from your VIP contacts

All the above options will help you to quickly filter emails on iOS 10 iPhone 7 and find the important one. Instead of having to go through each and every message this really saves you time especially if you have tons of inbox emails.


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