Wednesday, October 12, 2016

How To Optimize Music Storage On iOS 10

If you are subscribed to Apple Music then you probably download a bunch of songs to your iOS device and the tutorial below will help you to optimize music storage on iOS 10. Of course you can listen to your favorite tunes on the go, without an Internet connection, but offline music cache takes up your device’s precious storage. 

You can, of course, manually remove any offline tracks stored on the device or have iOS limit music storage on your iPhone. This tutorial will teach you how to manage music storage on your iOS 10 device, change settings to your liking and more.

How To Optimize Music Storage On iOS 10 iPhone

1) In order to optimize music storage on iOS 10 head to Settings > Music > Optimize Storage.

2) Now pick a minimum amount of storage on your iPhone that you want to dedicate to storing downloaded music files for offline listening.

Dedicating a minimum of four gigabytes of storage allows you to keep about 800 high-quality offline tracks on the iPhone. By comparison, 32 gigabytes of dedicated music storage allows you to keep about 6,400 downloaded songs on the device.

Keep in mind that the lower minimum storage you select, the more usable storage space you will have for apps, media and other things. If you’d rather iOS use whatever amount of storage space is available for keeping offline music, pick None instead.

It is possible to prevent iOS from automatically managing your music storage and clearing downloaded tracks as needed, slide the Optimize Storage switch to the OFF position.

With this feature disabled, you’ll need to manually clear any downloaded music when your iPhone is low on space.

To erase a downloaded song, album, playlist or music video from the device, click on it in the Music app and hit Remove button, then select Remove Downloads. 

On 3D Touch devices, simply press a song or album, then pick the Remove option. Remember that any removed offline songs remain in your iCloud Music Library, so you can find it there if you need.


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