Thursday, October 6, 2016

Why iOS 10 Doesn't Allow To Launch Settings Shortcuts From Widgets

If you are wondering why iOS 10 doesn't allow to launch Settings shortcuts from widgets then read this post. Launcher is the original app launching widget and we will start our review from it. With iOS 8 software release and the presentation of Notification Center widgets, Apple basically used the app to set an example of what happens when a developer tries to do things that Apple never envisioned or thought through. Luckily, the developer fought, the Apple community rallied behind him and we got the app back. 

With iOS 10, Apple has changes a lot in iOS platform and this time has done something similar to Launcher. Instead of banning the app for interacting with system level functions, Apple has outright disabled the ability to launch certain stock apps. That's is why iOS 10 iPhone doesn't allow to open Settings shortcuts from widgets.

If you’ve upgraded your device to iOS 10 and previously had shortcuts set up for such apps as Settings, Contacts, Clock, iCloud Drive, Weather, Voice Memos, and the Phone app, they will no longer work.

While you can’t launch the Phone app, it is still possible to set up shortcuts for calling people.

The situation with Settings is completely different. For example, if you want to use a shortcut for Cellular Data from the Launcher widget, that’s no longer available as you can now 3D Touch the Settings icon to get Cellular Data option.

It’s already been a month since iOS 10 was launched, but the developer is hopeful that maybe Apple company will reverse this decision. 

With iOS 10 release Apple brought mane new implementations and features including handwriting feature or press to unlock option, lots of improvements for Music app, Maps app, Mail app and etc. Although as we can say not all of these Apple's new implementations are welcomed not only by users but by developers as well. Are you happy with all iOS 10 changes and improvements?


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