Wednesday, November 2, 2016

How To Fix Poor Image Quality Issue On iPhone 7 Plus

According to new Apple's smartphone owners reports they are trying to find the fix for iPhone 7 Plus poor image quality issue. One of the exclusive features for the iPhone 7 Plus is its dual-camera setup on the back, but for some owners, it’s not all that positive. As per frustrated users reports they are experiencing “poor image quality” in their photos, with some event pointing out a “water-color effect” in their photos. Some owners are pointing out their pictures are blurry as well.

Digging into the issue, there have been 1,004 reported issues across 31 Apple retail stores in the United States, all since launch back in September. The majority of reports are attributed to “infant failures,” or displays broken by the user. Within those reports, only 8 devices have confirmed camera issues, and not all of those are tied to poor image quality problem on iPhone 7 Plus.

So how can you fix poor image quality issue on iPhone 7 Plus. Apple is acknowledged with this problem but as the root cause of this issue has not been discovered there isn’t fix just yet. Some users have pointed out that they’ve been able to fix it by disabling the optimized storage option on their iOS 10.1.1 iPhone, while others have tried with no luck. Some see the problem only in the stock Photos app on their device, while others are not seeing an issue with RAW photos in the Lightroom app.

As there is no iPhone 7 Plus poor image quality issue fix just yet the only thing owners of these devices can do is to contact AppleCare, or make an appointment at a Genius Bar for further assistance, and documentation of this problem.

Apple has already fixed the issue where Health data could not be viewed by some iPhone 7 Plus users in iOS 10.1.1 public update, so it is expected the problem with poor image quality should be fixed in the next software update.


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