Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Save Storage On iPhone 7 Plus By Disabling Portrait Mode Duplicates

We offer one of the useful tips on how to save storage on iPhone 7 Plus. We will talk about the Portrait mode. iOS 10.1 software release brought this feature exclusively to your iPhone 7 Plus. Portrait mode using both iPhone 7 Plus twelve-megapixel cameras and machine learning to take depth of field pictures. This effect is known as a “bokeh”.

You can find this new feature on iPhone 7 Plus in the stock Camera app: swipe to cycle through the available camera modes. You'll find Portrait mode between Photo and Square. Portrait mode is not just for humans, you can use it on pets, plants and inanimate objects.

By default your iPhone 7 Plus saves both the original twelve-megapixel photo and its depth of field counterpart. These Portrait shots of course require double storage.

So if you have not enough storage problem an easy way to save storage space on your iPhone 7 Plus is to turn off the feature that takes duplicates. If you’re a frequent Portrait shooter follow the easy steps below.

How To Shut Off Portrait Mode Duplicates On iPhone 7 Plus

Turning off the Portrait mode duplicate shot is a very simple process that takes place in Settings.

Step 1. On your iOS device Go to Settings > Photos & Camera. 

Step 2. Underneath the Portrait Mode slide the toggle Keep Normal Photo right to the OFF position. From now, when you take photos in Portrait mode, your iPhone will only keep the photo with the depth-of-field bokeh effect.

Of course this will save storage on your iPhone 7 Plus but I'm not sure that you'll be satisfied with pictures taking in Portrait mode without duplicates. But you can always go through the above steps and turn duplicates back on at any time you need.


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