Friday, December 2, 2016

Is There a Fix For iOS 10.1.1 iPhione Battery Drain Issue?

If you are trying to find iOS 10.1.1 battery drain issue fix then you should read this post. Since iOS 10 release there were different problems either with Safari video bug, fake Whatsapp message or keyboard freezing issue. Just after Apple launched iOS 10.1.1 update many iPhone owners started to report about battery drain issue that has greatly reduced the battery life of their devices. Users were complaining reporting that their upgraded iPhone lost as much as 60 percent of battery power while sitting idle or even when switched off. Other users report that their phone randomly shuts down even when it has plenty of charge left. And once they put the device on charge, it boots up to show that it still has plenty of charge.

One user reported that iOS 10.1.1 battery drain issue affected his iPhone 6 that was dying suddenly at 30% battery. He admitted that this did not happen with iOS 9 and there is no way to downgrade. He can’t even go back to 10.1 because he need to restore all his apps from backup which requires 10.1.1.

According to reports this users is note along as since iOS 10.1.1 release multiple iPhone users trying to iOS 10.1.1 battery drain issue fix. The issue does not seem to be affecting any particular iPhone model since owners right from the iPhone 5 to iPhone 7 are complaining about battery life issues post the iOS 10.1.1 update.

So how to fix iOS 10.1.1 battery drain issue on iPhone? Apple is acknowledged with battery drain issue but there is no fix yet. However some users wrote that they were managed to fix the problem by turning off Raise to Wake feature on their iPhone 6s and iPhone 7. Other users have upgraded to iOS 10.2 beta build hopping that it will fix the issue. 


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