Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Is There A Way To Fix iOS 10.2 iPhone Battery Life Issue?

Since the last software update for iOS 10 was released almost two weeks ago there are many users who complain and try to find fix for iOS 10.2 iPhone battery life issue. As it was expected the iOS 10.2 update has brought some improvements and feature additions to the iOS platform. 

Consequently these enhancements have made battery problems a lot worse for users who were already experiencing issues with power and devices randomly shutting down as on iOS 10.1.1. According to multiple users reports they encountered with even worse battery life issues after updating their devices to iOS 10.2. Apple has already publicly acknowledged that it is aware of battery-related issues affecting certain iPhone models. Apple even set up a dedicate repair program that lets users check if their device is one of the affected models, and then have the battery replaced free-of-charge to rectify the problem. 

Apple users probably hoped that iOS 10.2 would fix the battery issue, but as it turns out, it seems to have made the problem even worse. Devices affected by the issue suddenly go dead when their battery was showing that it still had a 30% charge left. Battery problem also touched many devices including the iPhone 5, forcing them to shut down. Other reported that their devices sitting on a certain percentage for hours without moving.

What is really worse is that Apple has now stopped signing earlier version of iOS, which means those users who have upgraded to iOS 10.2 will actually be forced to stay there and endure any battery problems that the update has coursed. As there is no fix for iOS 10.2 iPhone battery life issue at this point and nobody knows how to do it all we have to do is to wait till Apple will release next minor update. 


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