Thursday, January 19, 2017

How To Check Battery Charge Cycle Count On iOS 10 iPhone

Battery Percentage is an app that allows you to check battery charge cycle count on iOS 10 iPhone even without jailbreaking. As y may know that it was taken down from the App Store last year, but is back with a new name and available to download right now.

Battery Percentage app helped users to look at your phone’s battery and worked out just how long it should last at any given moment. Yes, Apple’s battery readout gives you an idea, but the app that was at the time Battery Percentage app was able to make estimates based on the current health of a battery. That means it took into account the number of charge cycles the battery itself had been through, which, predictably, meant that it may not last as long as it used to.

Old batteries degrade, and just can’t last as long on a single charge as new ones. It’s an unfortunate fact of life, as is the fact Apple pulled that app from the App Store last year. But fortunately this year the app modified and came back with new name.

Dubbed as Battery Life, the app does much the same thing, although it neither supports iOS 10 firmware nor, as a result, the iPhone 7. It works just fine on other devices though, so if you’ve been wondering why your battery is so poor, this might be worth checking out.

Battery Life app is free to download from the App Store. But if you want to check battery charge cycle count on iOS 10 iPhone then you are out of luck as it was mentioned early the app doesn't work with iOS 10 devices. And if you’re an iPhone 7 owner and want to learn how to check battery charge cycle count on your device then your phone is too new for any of this to matter! So enjoy your phone, and if your battery is still underperforming, you might want to take it in to Apple before that warranty runs out. So keep that in mind.


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