Thursday, January 19, 2017

How To Enable WiFi Calling On iPhone In iOS 10

Reading this post you'll learn how to enable WiFi Calling on iOS 10 iPhone. As you know such US carries as AT&T, T-Mobile and more support Wi-Fi Calling on their network, allowing those with weak cellular signals to use WiFi to make and receive calls. Wi-Fi calling is carrier-driven, and depends on a technology called SIP / IMS (IP Multimedia Subset). This technology forces your iOS 10 iPhone to make and receive phone calls using a regular Wi-Fi network.

Instead of routing your voice packets through your carrier's closest cell tower, those packets get tunneled through the Internet to a controller used by your cell company, which then bounces them across the network to whomever you're speaking. The net result is that you're talking, but you're not actually using a cell tower to do it. For people who live in areas with poor or inconsistent cellular reception, Wi-Fi calling is an absolute savior.

How To Enable WiFi Calling On OS 10 iPhone

Apple added support for Wi-Fi Calling in iOS way back with iOS 8 in the year 2014. Here we will show you how to enable this feature in a step-by-step guide below.

Before you proceed keep in mind that your carrier must support Wi-Fi Calling feature in order to enable it on your iPhone. If your carrier doesn’t support this feature, you won’t see Wi-Fi Calling option on your iOS 10 iPhone.

Step 1: In order to enable WiFi Calling on iOS 10 iPhone launch the Settings app.

Step 2: Click on Phone, then Wi-Fi Calling.

Step 3: Then switch ‘Wi-Fi Calling on This iPhone’ to On.

Step 4: Tap Enable on the pop-up that appears.

Step 5: Confirm the Terms of Service.

Step 6: Enter an emergency contact address for 911 calls.

Step 7: Tap Save and then Close and you’re done.

Now, when you’re on a WiFi connection with enough bandwidth, your iPhone will use that to make and receive cellular calls instead of the carrier network. You should be seeing Wi-Fi on your status bar as shown in the screenshot above. Enjoy.


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