Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Download iOS iOS 10.3.1 IPSW From Direct Links For Compatible

You can download iOS 10.3.1 IPSW from direct links below to update your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to the latest software release. Last week, Apple released two new iOS 10.3 updates. One, iOS 10.3, a milestone upgrade with new features, fixes and security patches. 

One of the biggest features of iOS 10.3 that’s not at all user-facing is the new file system. Apple has switched to its own file system – Apple File System or APFS. APFS also helps with the performance, especially on older devices like the iPhone 5s. After updating to iOS 10.3, the iPhone will feel snappier and smoother.

Now Find My AirPods allows you to locate a misplaced earbud in the Find My iPhone app. The app makes it possible to play a high pitch sound to either or both AirPods. This is helpful for locating earbuds misplaced nearby (within Bluetooth range).

Now on iOS 10.3 device, you can ask Siri to pay your bills using payment apps and check the status of your payment. She can also schedule a ride in Uber and other compatible apps.

The other, iOS 10.3 update is iOS 10.3.2 beta, an early version of which Apple seeded for developers and testers. The jump from iOS 10.3 to iOS 10.3.2 was a bit odd and it led many, to wonder if Apple had a rapid fire iOS 10.3.1 release ready for iPhone users. Turns out, it did.

iOS 10.3.1 is now available and, as expected, it’s a minor update for iOS 10 users. While it’s not as big as the iOS 10.3 update it’s still important because it could have a dramatic effect on your device’s performance.

The iOS 10.3.1 change log states the update comes with bug fixes and security patches meaning it’s a maintenance update. Don’t expect any new features on board. Apple lists the iOS 10.3.1 update as having an single security patch. The update also reportedly fixes unnamed iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c issues. That said, if you’re coming to iOS 10.3.1 from iOS 10.2.1 or something older, you’ll get a bunch of new features with iOS 10.3.1 due to iOS 10.3.

So you can download iOS 10.3.1 IPSW from direct links below upgrade your device:




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