Wednesday, April 26, 2017

How To Fix iOS 10 Control Center Issue On iPhone

If you're trying to find iOS 10 Control Center issue fix then go on reading this post. Since its introduction Apple's iOS platform has had various sometimes even strange bugs that have caused anything from minor annoyances for a small amount of users to a large security risk for multiple device all around the world.

The iOS 10 Control Center issue is unlikely to affect too many users but this particular bug seems to be present in iOS versions as recent as the latest iOS 10.3.2 beta. Those users who managed to run into this issue by accident reported experience a freeze, with SpringBoard restarting as a result.

This isn’t the first time when a similar bug drains iOS platform. The most infamous case was back in 2015 when the “effective power” text forced multiple iOS device across a globe to reboot when received. In 2016, certain link in Safari caused iOS platform to crash. According to multiple users reports they had encountered a bug which causes their iDevices to glitch out after watching a malicious video link in Safari. As the result the device become slow before freezing or crashing.

So how to fix Control Center crash issue on iPhone if you would face with it? To start, pull up Control Center, at the same time pick one option from the bottom bar (Alarm Clock, Calculator, or Camera), Night Shift, and AirDrop. You have to use three fingers to click them all at once. This may not work at first time, so you need to repeat it few time till it will work.

As the result your iOS 10 iPhone will freeze for a few seconds, then it should automatically “re-spring” and the device will return to normal work. Sometimes, it can happen that the device doesn’t automatically re-spring. In such case you’ll have to manually reboot your phone completely.

It is believed that Apple will release a public software update to fix iOS 10 Control Center issue, so users won't be able to use unusual fingers fix.


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