Wednesday, June 28, 2017

How To Quickly Markup And Share Screenshots On iOS 11 iPhone

 In this post we'll show you how to quickly markup and share screenshots in iOS 11. As you know Apple has presented a host of new features with iOS 11 and finally acknowledging that people use screenshots for marking up and sharing what whatever is on their screen. There’s a new set of tools in iOS 11 called Instant Markup that allows you quickly markup screenshots and PDF and makes it easy to share screenshots.

How To Markup And Share Screenshots On iOS 11 iPhone

The basic screenshot process is exactly the same in iOS 11 as it is in iOS 10 and earlier versions of the platform. Simply use the Home and Power buttons combo together to capture the screenshot.

Now you’ll see a preview of the screenshot in the bottom-left corner. This preview stays there until you do something about it (at least in the first developer beta). Swipe it off the screen and it goes away. If you click on it and you’re directly taken to the new Instant Markup screen.

This is when the new magic begins. This opens the screenshot into a new view containing a plethora of editing and Markup options. When the screenshot is placed into the iOS 11 Markup flow, it becomes really easy to edit it and apply annotations.

Just tap and swipe on the corners to crop the image. Or draw on the image with your finger or using the Apple Pencil. Below the image, you can switch between 6 colors and the pencil tip. There’s a Lasso tool as well.

All the basic tools you’d need to annotate a screenshot are right there. You can now save it to Photos app by tapping on Done or you can click on the Share button to see the Share sheet. From here, you can send it to a third party app such as WhatsApp or AirDrop it to another user nearby. What is more, after taking the screenshot hit the preview option, select the Share button from the top and select the app in question. 

As you can see with every iOS update Apple adds new features and improves its mobile platform. With the host of interesting features users can quickly markup and share screenshots in iOS 11, once it will be released.


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