Wednesday, June 7, 2017

iOS 11 Beta Bugs And Issues Review

During keynote of WWDC 2017 event Apple introduced the first beta of next software version update for compatible iOS devices and we have a review about of iOS 11 beta issues that users reported about after upgrading. Of course as it is a first beta version, iOS 11 update at present features some bugs and stability issues. Bu if you are brave enough, you can install iOS 11 beta on your iPhone without a developer account absolutely for free.

But before you proceed read about all the bugs discovered in first beta of iOS 11. This review will help you decide if upgrading to iOS 11 beta will be worth it or not.

Many users reported that sharing functionality was broken in the Messages app and the redesigned app drawer didn't not let one disable apps.

Others users claimed that launching the third-party apps take an longer time than usual and third-party keyboard apps were unstable on iOS 11 devices and even crashed if not given full access.

Music fans reported that the Music widget on the Lock screen didn't not update itself automatically. iPhone SE users were reporting that interacting with the Phone app while on a call freezed the device completely. Others said that switching to the FaceTime camera in the Camera app was broken. 

There were also reports that the old App Store icon still appeared in the Settings menu. What is more to receive app updates, user must kill the App Store by swiping up from the App Switcher. Some users also said that 3D Touch functionality didn't work properly in the App Switcher on their updated devices.

The iOS 11 beta has performance issues as well, because some iPhone 7 and iPad Pro owners reported that the OS felt slow to use. 

As you can see that there are many iOS 11 beta issues so think twice before proceeding with upgrade. Those users who have already updated their devices to iOS 11 beta and face some problems have a chance to downgrade to iOS 10.3.2.


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