Tuesday, June 6, 2017

The Best iOS 11 Features For iPhone

If you didn't watch WWDC 2017 Keynote then here are the best iOS 11 features for iPhone that Apple has introduced during this event. While the new iOS version won’t be available for public consumption till Fall 2017, we have prepared a short review about what interesting features Apple has brought with the new major software release. 

1. App Store Redesign

Arguably the most exciting iOS 11 update is a whole new design for the App Store. Now it features three tabs: Today, Games, Apps. Today  tab helps users discover new apps that are appearing. It displays you collections, a new Daily List centered around particular themes and more.

A second new tab is dedicated to Games. It features both new and popular games, as well as in-app purchases that are available to view right there in the App Store. 

Lastly Apps gets its own tab for the rest of the content available on the App Store.

2. Unified Notification Center

With iOS 11 Apple presented a unified Notification Center in both the Lock Screen and Home Screen. It means that now you can view missed notifications right in the Lock Screen by swiping down.

3. Peer-to-Peer Apple Pay Payments

You can now interact with Apple Pay via a new iMessage app. Using TouchID fingerprint authentication you can quickly send payments (encrypted end-to-end) to someone while you are chatting with.

4. Do Not Disturb While Driving

Apple has introduced a version of Do Not Disturb feature for drivers. Once enabled, new Do Not Disturb While Driving feature in iOS 11 automatically recognizes when you’re in a car and basically disables notifications and only displays a blank screen. You can 3D Touch the notification and select “I’m not driving” to exit from this mode for the current drive.

5. Type to SIRI

Digital assistants are just as frustrating as they are helpful, so making it easier to interact with them is always welcome. With iOS 11 Apple add one of the most requested features for any digital assistant — now users’ll be able to type to Siri.

6. Redesigned Control Center

One of the headline features of iOS 11 is Control Centre. It now packs all of the features into one page, and has new sliders. It also has 3D Touch to allow quick access to more settings and features, which looks like it's going to make life a lot easier.

7. Live Photos Editing

With iOS 11 the iPhone camera apps is getting new photography filters, including a long-exposure effect for Live Photos for capturing dreamy, smeary pictures of things in motion. 

So if you like the best iOS 11 features for iPhone and want to try them on your iDevice ahead of public release then there is a way to download iOS 11 beta without developer account.


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