Friday, July 7, 2017

How To Interact With The New iMessage App Drawer In iOS 11

If you have upgraded you device to the beta release of the Apple's latest software iOS update then we'll show you how to use the new iMessage App Drawer in iOS 11. iMessage App Store was one of the highlights of iOS 10. It’s been a year and the system hasn’t aged well. Yes, there are awesome sticker packs and some useful apps and that’s it. But with iOS 11, Apple is taking another step to improve this part of iOS platform.

Apple hasn't brought some fundamental change to the iMessage apps, but the way we interact with them is completely new and simplified.

How to Use the New iMessage Apps Picker In iOS 11

When you get to a conversation, you’ll see a new ticker at the bottom with icons for iMessage apps. You can swipe horizontally on the app ticker. When you do that, the ticker expands to show a bigger app icon and the label, which is the app’s name.

Tap on an icon to open the iMessage app in the keyboard view. You can now use the app just like before. Swipe left/right to cycle between the app or use the ticker to switch to another app.

When you click on the text box, it will be replaced with the keyboard. Hit the App Store button to access the iMessage apps again.

If you need to Go to iMessage App Store then in the ticker, the first icon is for the App Store. Click on it and the iMessage App Store will show up in a floating drawer.

How to Remove iMessage Apps In iOS 11

To manage iMessage apps, swipe to the end of the iMessage apps ticker. Then click on the More button.

This will dispaly a list of all the iMessage apps. You can swipe left on the app to access the Delete button.

If you want to disable multiple apps at the same, time, hit the Edit button.

Now, toggle the apps you want to hide from the drawer.

Now you know how to use the new iMessage App Drawer in iOS 11, and as you can see it is extremely easy. 


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