Friday, August 18, 2017

Beware Of A New Scam Message That Affects iOS 10 iPhones

Attention! There is new iOS 10 iPhone scam message targets smartphone owners with the claim that their Apple ID has expired, and invites them on how to proceed to fix it. iOS devices owners from time to time face with various forms of scam attacks and bugs. In November last year many users reported they have received iOS 10 WhatsApp video call fake message inviting them to enable new video calling feature. This message induces that the only way to enable the video calling feature is to go to the linked website and enable new feature from there. This of course was a scam.

This recent iOS 10 iPhone scam message touches the SMS and iMessage system. Targeted users receive an SMS which appears to be sent by someone with the name “iMessage”.  Here is the example of the text the affected users received: Your iPhoneID is due to expire today. Tap <link> to update and prevent loss of services and apps.

At just a glance, most of us would know it's fake. There's no such thing as an iPhoneID. It's an Apple ID. Plus, your Apple ID doesn't ever expire. Lastly, Apple wouldn't contact you via text message about an issue with your account.

Due to users reports this scam affected all the iOS versions up to iOS 10 an all the iPhone model up to iPhone 7 Plus.

So if you receive such spam message then the best thing you can do is report it to Apple. Just take a screenshot an send to While the message itself is sent via SMS, and in some cases even iMessage, we are sure Apple will be interested in seeing it regardless.

As a reminder, it's very important that you don't click on links from unknown sources. If you think an iMessage, text message, or email is legitimate, visit the website directly, instead of clicking on a link, and find the support contact. You can then call a company directly to find out if the message was real.


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