Tuesday, September 19, 2017

How To Temporarily Disable Touch ID On iOS 11 iPhone

Reading this post you'll learn how to temporarily disable Touch ID in iOS 11. As you may know with the last iOS software version release, Apple added an Emergency SOS feature. When you clicked on the power button five times, it gave you an option to contact emergency services. This is a very useful feature for when you’re injured or you have a problem where you need to quickly contact the authorities. In iOS 11, Apple has made a slight change as to how a part of this feature works.

Now from this Emergency SOS screen, you’ll be able to press a button that disables Touch ID and brings back your passcode screen. Touch ID won’t start working again until you type in the passcode.
This new enhancement Apple brought to increase your iOS device security. If you’re worried about someone forcefully authenticating your phone using your fingerprint, just quickly follow the steps below and Touch ID will be turned off.

How To Temporarily Turn Off Touch ID In iOS 11

Step 1: On your iOS 11 iPhone, push the Sleep/Wake (Power) button 5 times in succession.

Step 2: Here, you’ll get a screen similar to the Power Off screen. You’ll be presented with options to call Emergency services, viewing Medical ID, or Cancel.

Step 3: Either slide the Emergency SOS option or click on Cancel. Touch ID will be disabled immediately.

This is how to temporarily disable Touch ID on your iOS 11iPhone. Remember you need to type in the passcode in order to make Touch ID work again. 

iOS 11 is the latest Apple's software update that brings a bulk of various new features and improvements. iOS 11 unifies Lock screen and Notification Center, finally introduces a new Control Center, and brings major and minor redesigns for different stock apps.


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